11 Ways to Step Up Your Work Style

Are you the kind of woman who makes things happen rather than waiting for things to happen? Or makes no bones about your desire to move up at work and in the world authentically and in accordance with your values?

Then I imagine you don’t buy into to other peoples’ ideas of who you are, what you should do or how to do it and the same should go for your style. Unfortunately for many talented women it’s not the case. Too many have been told that being a serious contender in business means having to relinquish beauty, softness and feminine power. They opt for a corporate uniform that says ‘safe’ and ‘same’. Often that reflects a lack of know-how rather than a deliberate choice.

How do you create style and edge whilst remaining professional and appropriate? Stand out without being gaudy or overdone? There are many ways. Read blogs like this one. Pay close attention to looks you like and why they work. Get a stylist to show you the ropes. Like every other skill you’ve acquired in your life, style is something you learn. But don’t think boring is what it takes to be seen as serious. Quite the opposite.

Here are 11 ideas about how to step it up in the style ranks this year.

Remember when you set the rules about what is and isn’t ‘professional’ you give other women permission to do the same.


Stride into the boardroom in style in these unique trousers featuring a cascading tail. A tucked blue lace blouse and accessories pare the look right back. Classic with edge.

  • Trousers with cascading tail from Antonio Berardi on Net-a-Porter
  • Lace blouse from Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini on Farfetch
  • Multicoloured suede cuff from Bex Rox on Farfetch
  • Pink crystal drop earrings from Mimco
  • Blue tote from Colette Hayman
  • Pumps from Dune London on Zalando

These wide leg red trousers, playful shoes and accessories add flair to a tailored navy blouse.

This interesting, multi-pleated blouse goes brilliantly with printed or plain pants. Add a white choker to make it that touch more creative. Finish with striped sandals and clashing print bag.


Liven up this black ruffle black skirt with a vibrant Spain-meets-Mexico embroidered blouse, couture style. The strappy sandals are a smart, perfect match.

This interesting white skirt will make an elegant addition to your work wardrobe and there are so many ways to wear it I hardly know where to begin. Add a feminine camisole and short jacket and accent colour in the shoes and with a brooch.


This striking split neckline and floral embroidery dress oozes style but don’t automatically move to add more black. Instead try vibrant accessories and shoes that pick up on some of the embroidered colours.

Stunning, green and glamorous this standout wrap in satin is perfect for work and beyond. Blue accessories partner perfectly with green, whilst a touch of animal print says ‘my way’.

White power – an understated, modern white dress is beautiful and classically feminine. Adding neutral-toned accessories and shoes keeps it restrained.

I love this wrap with two exiting colours. Calm it down with neutral, green and white accessories. Very flattering.

  • Two-tone satin wrap dress from Attico on Net-a-Porter
  • Timber heel sandals from Jill Sander on Zalando
  • Stone earrings from Peter Lang
  • Off white and stud detail tote from Fendi on Farfetch

After Five Wear:This is effortlessly elegant. The floral neckpiece, shoes and clutch works beautifully together. For women who love grace and poise.

Are you a change maker? Innovator? Dramatic disruptor? Then this graffiti maxi skirt with lace fitted jacket is for you. Big earrings and clashing print bags add creative flair. If you’re wearing this you’re the CEO or will be.

Style is essential, it increases confidence and performance. Invest in a professional who can help you move up the style ranks in the same way as you do your professional skills. Call me.


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