August 18, 2014

About Me

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Having worked around the world in creative careers spanning interior design to underwear design, I am drawn to colour, pattern and playful combinations.

As a child my mum sewed my clothes, I chose the fabrics and patterns because I always loved to dress in my own way, rather than follow trends. It’s a lifelong passion. As is my love of different cultures, languages, architecture and art.

The psychology of style fascinates me. Research shows we’re impacted by colour, shape, composition. Style is 20 percent fashion, 80 percent mind. Too many people don’t pay attention to the significance it has on mood and motivation.

You are an individual, one of seven billion on this planet with a body shape and personality that is unique.

As a style coach I work with you to draw out a style that reflects and enhances your personality, whether you are running the world or staying home.

This means questioning old beliefs about who you are and being willing to tolerate enough discomfort to push your boundaries so that as you transform you wonder “gosh, why haven’t I done that before?”

Dressing well boosts confidence. It enables you to get noticed in the right way.

You have to wear clothes every day. So why not be deliberate about the colour, composition and designs you choose? Consciously learn to choose the colours, fabrics and shapes that create the best version of you.

You may like simplicity, elegance, Bohemia or flamboyance. Or all, depending on the occasion or the day – work, weekend, events, holidays.

I teach you how to translate what you want to convey through clothing.

I don’t believe in being dictated by trends. You are an individual. There are no hard and fast rules.

Working together we assess what works and doesn’t. We play and experiment, recombining what you’ve already got in different ways, adding accessories or statement pieces for interest and flair and bringing in new pieces to fill the gaps.

As a style coach, I have an eye for what you can’t about yourself. I use it to draw out what’s special in you because it’s my deepest desire to see women feel and look better than they thought possible.




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