Art in the Wardrobe

I have always believed ‘Fashion is Art’, particularly when you think of the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vivian Westwood, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more. There has been a different fashion movement going on the last couple years where the reverse has been true and Art has inspired Fashion. The designs of Frida Khalo, Picasso, Miro and eras such as Modernist, Baroque, Renaissance to name a few have popped up on the runways the last couple seasons.
Although I don’t follow trends as I keep saying, I find this movement interesting and refreshing. There are intelligent and cultural complexities in the design of art in fashion.

07a3f86f7e941195f942246c1039a6beI decided to write this post on ‘Cubism‘ used in fashion and the use of block colours. This artistic movement was formed by Picasso and Braque and was inspired by 3D shape design and predominately primary colours. For me It is more about the influences of that art era using objects that are torn and reshaped in an abstract manner, symbolising that era rather than actual graphic prints of their art on fabric. Below is my interpretation of ‘cubism fashion’ and how it can be incorporated easily into your wardrobe, especially the work arena, hence adding to my post ‘working it’ where I discussed jazzing up your work wardrobe.

Many of the designs are flattering due to positioning of the shapes and colours.
I could have kept going and placed many more examples but there are too many wonderful Cubist inspired frocks out there to mention. But by all means, ask me for more tips if you like.

Dresses, skirts, Pants

57fc44b77f03e764e9269be16f978de7Colour blocked pants are a great alternative to plain pants…flattering due to the vertical panels generally placed on the sides.

Cubist Publication1The abstract patterns with contrasting colours are very flattering especially if the detail is around the stomach as it is distracting to the eye. Gorgeous coats in primary colours teamed with bright coloured pants are a bold corporate look.

Cubist Publication 3These are great dresses for the corporate world. Notice again how the shapes are positioned around the tummy area. In my view these dresses have the slimming effect. Jackets can easily be added. Accessorise as I always say to do, this makes the look more interesting…. and even better add a graphic bag.


Cubist Publication 4A-Line and shift dresses can be pretty and feminine. Add bold colours with accessories and shoes. Go a little wild with handbags. No matchy-matchy.

Cubsit Publication 9The graphic dress: The asymmetrical design of the dress along with all the varied patterns on make this style of dress a statement. Tee it up with boots or nice heels and some pretty earrings.

Cubist Publication 8Cubist inspired skirts worn with sharp lined jackets. These three diverse styles can be worn with open toe shoes in the summer or boots/closed in shoes for winter. As you can see shapes and colours are mixed carefully making them interesting.

Black and White

Cubist Publication 5It is not all about bold colour with Cubist style. Sharp, hard edges in black and white…always very smart: sexy tuxedo jackets, wrap coats and dresses. There again is the ‘slimming’ dress with the black panels running horizontally down the sides giving you the illusion of a trim waist line. Chic looks for both the work and social areas.

Night Time Glamour

Stephane_Roland_Haute Couture spring summer 2012  PARIS_january_2012Beautiful maxi dresses with sharp colour contrast are a wonderful change for the night time affair.

Cubist Publication 7Long Shift dresses with bold patterns are a real statement. Be daring and go for colour, and wear the dresses with equally colourful shoes and pretty handbags.

Cubist Publication2Elegant and simple cut dresses with sharp lines are a proven formula. A dress like this is flattering with both horizontal and vertical lines blending. Wear it as a gorgeous cocktail dress with a sharp edged handbag or soften the look with multi-beaded one. There is no right or wrong with this.

I don’t know about you, but I love this movement and know that if offers so much creative scope in your wardrobe.
If you’d like further help in incorporating this look in your wardrobe or for any styling consultations contact me via my email


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