Be A Man Of Style

There are plenty of articles on the basics men need in a corporate wardrobe but here are some tips for pushing boundaries a little further, while still being bang-on professional.

There are so many great clothes and accessories on the market, yet men rarely make an effort to add personal touches to their style. Why? When I take them shopping, most tell me they don’t know how. Here are some ideas.

Remember the right style and cut of a suit, trousers or blazer will depend on your shape. Invest in the right fit by taking an off the shelf suit to a tailor. Even the most expensive suit can look sloppy if it’s not the right size.

If you want to push your style email me at or fill in the contact form.

These on-trend gangster style looks are too over the top for the office, but pay attention to the colour combinations, a chequered suit or red statement blazer carried through in the socks or a differently toned shoe really lifts a look.  Simple details make a difference.

Add a navy stripe suit to your work wardrobe and alternate it with the plain coloured suits. I am sure you have plenty of those already.

Subtle clashing of prints show flair and looks very professional. There’s nothing noisy about this look.

A two toned blazer will turn heads. Throw an interesting blazer over a white shirt and black trousers, or jeans for a more casual look. Makes a world of difference.
Adding a pocket square or brooch shows a creative, non-conforming side. The softness of a pocket square can also demonstrate that you’re approachable. Especially in highly conservative fields such as finance and law, a little softness works wonders with potential clients.

Coloured socks are fun.

Accessorise with cuff links, stylish bracelets and rings, avoiding chunky and cluster styles. Subtle jewellery on a man looks great.

Have your name hand sewn onto your cuff, a touch of class.  Please contact me for details on my favourite Melbourne based embroiderer who specialises in men’s cuffs.

Wear monk straps rather than lace ups. Consider two-toned tip shoes?

On a casual work day

Light coloured suit, vest and printed leather belt looks great. The subtle motif on the belt really lifts the look, everything else is classic.

Smart casual with vest, blazer, jeans and polished shoes. No runners please.

Depending on your casual Friday rules invest in some casual yet classy printed or buckle loafers.

There are many ways to add that little pizzaz to your work wardrobe. Start with one and go from there.




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