Dress To Impress – Workshopping Office Style

Do you know it only takes only five seconds to form a visual judgement on first meeting?

Research shows that we assess someone within seconds of meeting and that this ‘thin slice’ of information gives a lot of behavioural cues, largely accurate. Importantly, once we’ve made that snap call we pay more attention in the future to evidence that confirms what we think, rather than disproves it. In other words a first impression once made is hard to shift. It’s easy to see how this impacts on professional reputation and decision-making, and companies that leverage the insight can gain a competitive edge.

In any company, people are your greatest asset. How they present counts. It doesn’t mean a great suit trumps skills but rather recognising that judgements are being made by in other ways whether or not you like it.

The challenge in trying to harness the science of first impressions is that few people want to be told what to wear. We want the right to choose how we express our individuality. There has also been so much emphasis on looks that some actively resist putting effort into clothes, viewing it as superficial. It doesn’t have to be. You wouldn’t think of taking an unedited report riddled with errors up the line even if it has good core insights, because you know they may be lost in the poor presentation. Sloppy says lazy, can’t be bothered. The message is just as powerful when it comes to how you look, not to conform with social expectations of beauty, but rather to reflect care and if you dare, edge.

None of us expects to join the workforce as an expert. Developing credibility takes time, training, effort, experience. We’re happy to put in the hard yards, yet assume that when it comes to combining colours and cuts it’s instinctive. It’s not. It has to be learned and like any other area, trainers come with different agendas and capabilities.

It’s key to work with a stylist who can teach you how to add personality that aligns with professional values and goals. The idea is not to fill a wardrobe with more stuff, squeeze you into uncomfortable shapes or turn you into a clone.

Rather than coming in house to dictate rules, we do things a little differently. We run fun, interactive and productive session workshopping with you how to get there. We guide your people to look and feel amazing with versatile creative looks that reflect them and also your company values.

We know time is of the essence so our “Dress to Impress” workshops are intense and focused. From one-hour express to more comprehensive sessions, they can also be tailored to specific needs. We travel nationally so we can work with all your offices.

We advise on:

  • Making a lasting, positive first impression
  • Sending the right message about professionalism and skill
  • Boosting employee confidence and engagement
  • Stylish and versatile everyday looks
  • Confidence dressing for important meetings
  • Stylish wear for work events
  • What’s acceptable and not in the work place
  • Stylish ‘casual’ Friday
  • Important and handy tips
  • Follow up progress assessments post style sessions

What you gain: New ways of looking at your style, energy, enthusiasm, confidence and an improved company image.

The sessions are fun, engaging and insightful, let’s connect. Email me to request a quote and book in your corporate style session. 

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