Going Bohemian

According to the dictionary, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The original Bohemians were travellers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohĂ©mien, for “gypsy”).
I have loved this spirited, feminine style since I was a little girl and in fact was nick named “zingara” in Italian by my family which translates to “gypsy”. It is the seemingly effortless elegance of combining flowing fabrics, bright prints, flowers and eclectic jewellery that has somehow weaved in and out of my life in various ways over the years. Contrary to the general perception on bohemian style, it is not necessarily all about flowery skirts, flop hats, barefoot and headscarves. In my opinion, there are many different aspects to bohemian fashion and in fact is one of the only fashion movements that does lend itself to a vast range of looks. For example…. It can be elegant or casual….lace or velvet…..multi prints or plain silk…..semi precious crystals or feathers…….sandals or wedges…..maxi dresses or flair pants. What does seem to remain the staple for achieving this look however is interesting colour mixes and plenty of bling: whether it be on your arms, shoes, handbag or garments. There is no formula to dressing Boho. It is a style that needs to be your own, and not copied from magazines: to be unconventional, hence why it is given that special name. Below are “my” thoughts on the bohemian way.

peackock styleQuirky elegance with an interesting mix of feathers, beads and sequence on any garment can become a stylish cocktail number for night or worn with boots for a day event.

boho redThe classic Maxi dress with plenty of jewellery is a lovely summer feel.

9e0e4161b84ceb49575f1c153ef69317A luxurious long silk Grecian style dress with some sparkling is certainly a sophisticated formal affair. It gives the illusion of “freedom” .

BOHO (3)Printed wrap dresses and skirts, sandals or wedges: casual chic. I want to dance around the house when dressed like this.



BOHO short dressesShort Tunics, skirts with wedges or boots are seriously cute.

BOHO 2 (2)

BOHO 1 (3)

Satchin+Babi resortThe elegance of Maxi dresses in divine prints paired with wedges/ sandals and chunky jewellery are a classy affair: Day or night.

BOHO 3Boho winter: no need for black. Wide-legged or flair pants are fun. For those that believe you have to be model tall and size 8 to wear wide-legged, I tend to disagree. It is true they don’t suit everyone, however you’ll be surprised what a great fitting pair of flairs to suit your body shape that are super long worn with super high wedges or boots can do to give the illusion that you are tall and skinny. It is a case of experimenting to see for yourself if they are you or not.

BOHO AccessoriesAccessories: bangles, tassel’s, beaded bags and shoes, crystals, long earrings, large rings.

Should you desire some bohemian style or any other and not sure how to put it all together, as a fashion consultant, I’d be more than happy to help you.
Please email me on stylebygessica@gmail.com for all consultation enquiries.



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