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My weekly post is a little different this week. Lately I’ve noticed a great variety of lower heeled shoes. Most of my style collages contain mid to high-heeled shoes. I certainly don’t suggest that only wearing high heels is the way to go at work. There has always been a greater, more interesting variety of higher heeled shoes out there.

My mantra is Happy Feet = Happy Woman

Without hesitation, high heels do give a different look to the whole outfit. They elongate the legs, give height and graciousness and they do help in achieving better posture. However they do come with their own risks too such as back problems, leg pain, and instability.

Many of us can’t wear high heels for long periods of time or at all.  Most women own both flats and high shoes. Flats are generally used to get to work, then slip on the higher shoes. Be warned though, wearing flat shoes all the time also have their disadvantages, such as fallen arches and stretched calf muscles which both can cause lots of pain. I am no doctor nor feet expert, I am purely giving you my opinion, experiences and that of others.

I always say, it really is up to the person on their preference and ‘if’ you can find some interesting lower heeled shoes that look great with your outfits, then fabulous. Remember I am here to help you shine, not clone!

However up until recently it has generally been a struggle to find some really interesting shoes that are both flattering and have you looking ultra chic at the same time. I often use patterned shoes in my posts to enhance an otherwise simple looking outfit. Shoes (and accessories) can make a real difference to your outfit.

So for the many women who prefer to wear lower heels to work, next time you purchase some, go for shoes that are patterned, embellished, covered in lace or multi coloured, rather than the usual plain flats I see on many feet! Below are some lovely suggestions to get you inspired for your next shoe shopping trip.

Low Heels:

a015bd041df31c6c3787e366363aed71A kitten heel is feminine and dainty. Works beautifully with tapered pants, A-Line and pencil skirts and most dresses. 8cdd456317948c981e94ca6d94b8ca71Animal print kitten heels add some interest to your outfits, especially if wearing all black.

Low heel shoesPatterned, lace, embellished, velvet, embroidered, animal print, multi coloured, dainty, chunky….the list goes on. There is such a wide choice out now of fabulous low heeled shoes. Tip: chunky heels with pencil skirts or dresses is not flattering and can shorten the body. Instead wear dainty heels.

Flat Shoes:

d2 johnston murphy black white stripe orange red piping contrast loafer canvas flats black theory cropped pants coral short sleeve annChic stripes can transform a simple outfit to something a little more jazzy

391f23a31ccbce868ce72dfa99ab05f9Elegant gold flats:  worn in the office and out for dinner.

82a36c584753edcbcd80fdd811adc83fEmbroidered flats. How divine and wow what a statement something like this would be for work.

Flat shoesGold, velvet, embellished, woven, sparkly: there is a great variety of flat shoes out that can make your outfit pop.

The shoes in these collages were sourced from Matches, My Theresa, Net-a-Porter , Sole Society, Nine West and Pinterest

Another lovely site to purchase shoes are Ballettonet which have a capsule range from Illustrator Kerry Hess.

See you soon.

Gessica X






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