The Power of Red

This week’s style post is focused on the colour Red: To begin with, red is a warm and positive color, a very physical colour which draws attention to itself and calls for action to be taken.

A colour that has long been used to signify power, it is associated with energy and passion, exciting the emotions promoting ambition and determination. A real confidence booster.

This year why not experiment with red, making your working world brighter.

There are many ways to wear red. You can make a bold statement with the colour. Or you can add red in a subtle way by wearing a dash of red such as a brooch, scarf, earrings, necklace, belt, shoes or more simply red nails and lipstick. Whatever your comfort zone with the colour red, there is a way to add this colour to your wardrobe for everyone.

Here are three vibrant dresses under $200, you can confidently wear to work and ooze power.

From this…To this…

This interesting ruffle collar dress suggests a playful professional style.  Add some blue stone wrist wear and these jewelled sandals to balance out the red, adding some softness.

From this…

To this…

Elegant, sleek and sexy best describes this fish tail style dress. Add a little white fitted blazer and a belt for daytime. It can transform into an after work cocktail dress by simply taking off the blazer and belt.

From this…To this…

Show your creative flair at work in this one shoulder frill dress. Add pink sandals and a choker for that extra little pizazz. Another dress that can be taken from day to night.

I look forward to helping you shine.


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